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Toyota Supra concept teased before Geneva for the first time.

Toyota put out a quick press release late in the day on Monday by the headline, “The Legend Returns.”
which’s pledging, until you see the word “concept” shortly after which.
Toyota’s Apparently talking about the Supra — sorry, Celica fans, although you could rest comfortably knowing the Supra name was premier attached to a Celica.
Extremely , I speculation Celica fans could continue hold out some wish, albeit not much.
No matter what, we’ll know further while Toyota pulls back the curtain at the Geneva Motor display — further specifically, Mar.

Leaked! This perhaps be the Fresh Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is coming back.
We’ve known this ever ever BMW approved plans to jointly develop a sports vehicle by Toyota.
however despite seeing plenty of camouflaged prototypes ever ever then, Toyota did an impressive job of stopping data leaks.
Other than the generally legitimate look of the magazine, this (admittedly poor) image shows a race-prepped version of the Supra.
Without its GT racing-style livery & bodywork, we see a lot of the 2014 Toyota FT-one concept in the Fresh Supra.



MKV Toyota Supra Dimensions / Specs leaked in Best vehicle Magazine

as informed in You know, in looking at that spec table of the 5 generations of Supras, it dawned on me that they consider 340ps to be progress, because they display 280ps for the MKIV, that is of course was rated that due to the gentlemen’s licence at the time.
however for America here, ever ever the MKIV was quoted as 320hp (was it?
), we hardly see any progress…Click to extend…

Toyota Supra leaks in Japanese magazine ahead of Geneva debut

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Toyota Supra to share BMW electronics by following Z4

The Fresh Toyota Supra, the twin to the upcoming BMW Z4, going to launch in 2018 as the brand’s Fresh halo model.
Earlier sightings showed the 2-seater sports coupé running by an automatic gearbox & BMW electronics – that comes as no surprise given the technical links among the Z4 & Supra.
BMW Concept Z4 previews upcoming Z4 roadsterPhotographed Analyzing at the Nürburgring, the Supra featured BMW switchgear, including a dashboard-mounted infotainment Monitor & accompanying rotary dial controller on the central tunnel, as well as BMW heating control buttons & a BMW automatic gearlever.
The Supra is built on the same platform as the upcoming Z4, that going to Utilize BMW’s carbonfibre architecture from its current i3, i8 & seven Series.
But, unlike the convertible Z4, the Supra going to just be obtainable as a coupé.


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