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Rome to ban diesel vehicles from city center with 2024

Rome, one of Europe’s generality traffic-clogged cities & house to thousands of ancient outdoor monuments threatened with pollution, plans to ban diesel cars from the centre with 2024, its mayor has said.
Her comments followed a court of law ruling in Germany which cities there could ban the generality heavily polluting diesel cars from their streets.
About 2-thirds of the one.8m Fresh cars purveyed in Italy final year were diesel, according to industry figures.
The city often tries to ban older, further polluting cars from roads on days pollution reaches critical standards.
Apart from health issues, pollution from combustion engines causes severe damage to Rome’s many ancient outdoor monuments.

Rome latest city to declare vehicle ban, going to ban diesel cars from historical center starting 2024

Rome mayor Virginia Raggi annnounced “Rome has decided to ban the Utilize of diesel cars from its historical center from 2024” at the Women4Climate conference in Mexico City this 7 days.
Diesel engines, even “clean” diesel (that we found are not Extremely clean after all), emit an exceptionally high amount of particulate emissions compared to other motors, of the type that cause damage to monuments (& human lungs).
Rome estimates that three,600 monuments are at danger of damage from diesel pollution, & something needs to be done.
Electrek’s TakeGrowing up near the Los Angeles ambit, I’ve experienced my Honest share of air pollution.
Extremely as California has shown, getting serious about clean air regulation works.




Diesel ban? Cities across the world move to ban diesel cars from their centres

referring to Cities across Europe are moving to ban diesel cars from their centres, by Rome having become the latest capital to Suggest a ban on all diesel cars by 2024 from its historic centre.
In October final year, the city council released a consultation into banning all non-zero emissions cars from its city centres.
In 2015 there were around eleven.nine mn diesel cars on Britain’s roads, making ours 1 of the biggest diesel fleets in Europe.
The VW emissions scandal along by recent researches showing the health consequences of diesel cars has put Stress on legislators to move the public away from buying diesel cars .
The mayors of Paris, Mexico City, Madrid & Athens have said they’re looking to ban diesel cars from their centres by 2025.

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