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American auto portions makers fear Donald trump tariffs going to destroy jobs

Many in the auto portions manufacturing industry indeed realize which Donald trump going to be creating a slippery slope by the tariffs.
The burden of these tariffs, as always, going to be passed on to the American user,” reports HDT Trucking Info.
Putting American jobs at danger runs counter to the Donald trump Organization’s efforts to bring jobs back to the U.S.” further about Tariffs, MEMA, auto portions industry, Trade war, Politics Tariffs MEMA auto portions industry Trade war Politics Nafta

Donald trump threatens to tax European auto imports amid dispute over tariffs

WASHINGTON — President Trump saved up Stress on trading partners on Saturday, threatening European automakers by a tax on imports if the Eu retaliates versus his outline to cuff tariffs on aluminum & steel.
wants to more promote their indeed huge tariffs & barriers on U.S. companies doing business there, we going to simply apply a Tax on their cars that freely pour into the U.S.,” Trump wrote on Twitter.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March three, 2018Canada too has said it going to retaliate for any tariffs on steel & aluminum.
Trump had tweeted on Friday that trade wars are perfect & “simple to beat,” roiling U.S. financial markets.
linked: Trump Organization wrong on tariffs & trade wars, Specialists sayIn January 2017, Trump warned German vehicle companies he would impose a border tax of 35 % on cars imported to the U.S. market.


Donald trump
Donald trump


As NAFTA weighs, Donald trump’s tariffs drive Fresh U.S. auto worries

as informed in MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – From a hotel in Mexico City, Ann Wilson, a senior executive at the U.S. Motor & tools industrialists Association (MEMA), is fielding calls from American auto portions makers worried which President Trump’s metal tariffs going to force them through business.
U.S. President Trump waves upon his arrival in West Palm coast, Florida, U.S., March two, 2018.
Many economists tell which instead of increasing employment, value increases for consumers of steel & aluminum like the auto & oil industries going to destroy further U.S. jobs than they innovate.
“The smaller provider are the ones at danger because they could’t pivot & they could’t move their businesses,” said Wilson.
Even if Trump agrees to exempt some products from the tariffs, Wilson said companies, especially smaller ones, concern they going to be burdened with red tape linked to applying for exclusions.

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