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Donald trump threatens to add additional tax European cars

Volkswagen is between the industrialists which can be influenced by Trump’s menace (photo: DPA)Trump has threatened to ‘simply apply a tax’ on European cars purveyed in the USA.
The America president’s declaration is the latest step in a feud which he ignited by the European Union over tax & trade.
The European Union has said it going to retaliate if the tariffs are imposed – however This time Trump has pledged to battle back once more.
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March three, 2018Donald Trump shock out at the European Union for making it ‘impossible’ to purvey American cars in Europe (photo: Getty)‘They make it impossible for our cars (& further) to purvey there.
Trump has uncovered he wants to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel, & add ten% to aluminium.

Trump threatens to tax European cars in revenge for tariffs on Levi’s jeans, Jack Daniels whiskey & Harley-Davidson motorbikes

Trump lifted the spectre of a trade war among the America & the Eu after he threatened to “apply a tax” on imports of cars from the bloc.
large trade imbalance!”The trade row started on Thursday while Trump vowed to impose hefty tariffs on steel & aluminium imports.
which brought a stiff response from trading partners & criticism from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) & World Trade Organisation (WTO).
They would target iconic America exports including Levi’s jeans, Harley-Davidson motorbikes & Bourbon whiskey brand Jack Daniels, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said.
A spokesman for German Chancellor Angela Merkel said America steel tariffs would injury international commerce.


Donald trump
Donald trump


Donald trump threatens to tax European cars

As it stated in President Trump escalated menaces of a trade war on Saturday, telling he would cuff a Fresh tax on European cars if the European Union retaliated versus his Suggested steel & aluminum tariffs.
The U.S. imported further than one.two mn European cars from brands such as BMW & Volkswagen in 2016, the generality recent year for that information is obtainable, according to the European Automobile industrialists Association.
The U.S. has an $800 bn $ Yearly Trade Deficit due to our “sostupid” trade deals & policies.
Trump too fired off a tweet Saturday telling “sostupid” trade deals are holding US back.
“The U.S. has an $800 bn $ Yearly Trade Deficit due to our ‘sostupid’ trade deals & policies,” he said.

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