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Musk invites Donald trump to Stress China over auto trade practices

referring to “Do you think the America & China ought have equal & Honest rules for cars ?” Musk wrote Thursday in response to a post by the president a day earlier.
He noted China charges 25 % importation duties on cars , 10 times the U.S.’s levy of two.five %.
“We’re changing things,” Donald trump added.
Meaning, same importation duties, ownership constraints & other factors.
“We lifted this by the prior Organization & none happened,” Musk wrote after tweeting about the importation duties & joint-venture ownership rules.

AP reality CHECK: Donald trump off about auto trade

0 AP reality CHECK: Trump off about auto trade- President Trump offers an incomplete photo of American trade in making his status for sansictions on foreign goods.
___TRUMP: “The U.S. has an $800 bn $ Yearly Trade Deficit due to our ‘sostupid’ trade deals & policies.
which deficit in goods was offset by a $244 bn trade surplus in services, such as transportation, computer & financial services, royalties & military & Gov. contracts.
Similarly, Trump has complained about a trade deficit by Canada even though the U.S. runs an overall surplus by which country – thanks to the Price of services.
however the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office said the U.S. enjoyed a $twelve.five bn trade surplus by Canada in 2016.


Donald trump
Donald trump


Elon Musk asks Donald trump to push China on auto tariffs

referring to by Trump talking tariffs on steel as of late, Tesla & SpaceX chief executive officerElon Musk has instigated a Twitter conversation by the president.
As outlined on his social networking account, Musk’s main contention is which the current importation/Exportation structure in place by China greatly favors Chinese exports to the America over American exports to China.
Extremely far, President Trump hasn’t engaged by Musk on the issue, at least on social networking.
On Twitter, Musk too states which he formerlylifted these trade imbalance worries by the Obama Organization, & tells which none was done.
In a plea to Trump, upon whose economic advisory council he once served, Musk asks for a Honest outcome where tariffs & rules are equally moderate.

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