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Disturbing vidimus shows cops charging raccoon by squad cars until they Eventually kill it

“Leaving the grocery store to find two cops charging at a raccoon in a vehicle for 15 minutes until dead:/ you would think if it had hydrophobia they would shoot him instead of torturing.
In the vidimus, 1 of the cars is seen clipping & injuring the animal.
The raccoon had attempted to get into the foundress at 1 point.
Our officer’s [sic] did find the raccoon, however it wasn’t in an ambit which was secure to discharge a firearm because of the proximity of pedestrians & residences.
They dispatched the raccoon as quickly & humanely as possible.”A police spokesperson can not immediately be reached.

Viral vidimus shows police Utilizing cars to run drop, kill potentially rabid raccoon

vidimus of police in Coeymans, NY, Utilizing 2 patrol cars to run drop & kill a potentially rabid raccoon at a shopping plaza Monday has sparked outrage & a state investigation.
The vidimus shows 2 police cars — 1 a marked sport utility car, the other an unmarked sedan — purposefully trying to strike the raccoon as it attempts to flee.
Police said they received various 911 calls about a potentially rabid raccoon in Faith Plaza in Ravena, where the animal had tried to get in a business.
“You must be socautious if it’s a rabid animal because, my God, if which thing bites you, it’s a sopainful process by all those bullets,” Apple said.
But, the phone number listed on-line for the section sends callers directly to the Albany province 911 center — inundating dispatchers by complaints.




Waymo only shared a vidimus showing its driverless cars in action — & it ought make the competition nervous

as mentioned in WaymoWaymo showed a vidimus at SXSW which chronicled recent adventures in its fully driverless vehicle.
The Google/Alphabet spinoff has been Utilizing Chrysler Pacifica minivans to ferry riders around Phoenix.
At SXSW in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, Waymo showed a short vidimus of its fully driverless vehicle pilot programme, currently underway in Phoenix, Arizona.
The Waymo driverless experiment has been underway in Phoenix ever ever final year, Utilizing Chrysler Pacifica minivans outfitted by Waymo’s laser-radar-based self-driving technology.
The large change, documented in the vidimus, is the disappearance of the actual driver.

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