All the trade agreements signed by Egypt, including the Egyptian-European partnership agreement of automotive industry strategy .

as informed in Some sources told Daily News Egypt that the German economic delegation that accompanied chancellor Angela Merkel demanded to postpone the automotive strategy during their visit to Egypt the last weekend.
There is a tendency for Egyptian authorities to postpone the issuance of the automotive industry strategy and discuss it again in light of the European Union (EU) car manufacturers’ observations.
They said that in the case that the automotive draft law was approved, it would severely harm imports of members of the ACEA, violating the Egyptian-European partnership agreement.
He stressed that the strategy takes into account all the trade agreements signed by Egypt, including the Egyptian-European partnership agreement.
ACEA expressed its understanding of the goal of the draft law, which is to increase car and auto-parts production in Egypt.

Egypt tends to postpone issuance of automotive industry strategy

according to Those concerns were aired at an automotive industry conference in Stuttgart last week, where the potential effect of Brexit was the central issue of discussion.
The event highlighted the preparations being undertaken within the automotive industry ahead of Brexit.
EU passportFinancial services passporting is not an issue that you would automatically associate as a concern of the automotive industry.
Most car manufacturers work on the basis of margins which cannot accommodate additional tariffs easily, meaning price rises could be necessitated.
Many of the major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) were present, including BMW, Opel Group, Volkswagen and Daimler.

Trump meets with automotive industry leaders

according to President Donald Trump met with leaders of the automotive industry prior to speaking Wednesday at the American Center for Mobility in Ypsilanti, Mich.“We’re going to remove one job-killing regulation after another,” Trump said.
Also in attendance were suppliers Robert Miller of IAC, Robert Kaiser of Gallagher Kaiser, and David Dauch of American Axle and Manufacturing Holdings.
In attendance from the UAW was President Dennis Williams and Vice President Cindy Estrada.
From the automotive industry, Trump met with Mary Barra of General Motors, Sergio Marchionne of FCA, Mark Fields of Ford, W. Gerald Flannery of Hyundai, Dietmar Exler of Mercedes-Benz, Lex Kerssemakers of Volvo, James Lentz of Toyota, Jose Munoz of Nissan, Rick Schostek of Honda, Michael Sprague of Kia, and David Geanacopoulos of Volkswagen.
Rick Snyder, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.

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