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Drivers will have to pay more on their car insurance from next week , heres why.

referring to Young drivers are set to feel the brunt of the new charges with insurance premiums rising by as much as £1,000.
GETTY Drivers will have to pay more on their car insurance from next week All drivers in the UK are set to be stung by up to a £75 charge today due to a new Government rules.
Be honest about your occupation – The wording of your job title can affect how much you pay.
Justice secretary Liz Truss announced that the new charge is being introduced to compensate for an increase to insurance payouts for those with long-term injuries.
This is used to calculate how much compensation is fair to offer someone with a permanent injury.

Car insurance shock - Drivers will have to pay more money from today, heres why

as informed in Four tips to keep car insurance premiums downThe discount rate change isn’t alone in hitting premiums this year.
New legislation tipped to lead to soaring car insurance premiums comes into effect today.
So, if your £600 car insurance premium rises by £60 (10%) as a result of the discount rate change, arguing your case could undo the damage.
Hastings Direct and Admiral had already publicly raised prices in anticipation of the discount rate change.
Earlier this month, the Office of Budget Responsibility predicted that insurance premiums would be likely to rise by 10% on average this year.

as informed in

Car insurance is going up today. These are the tricks to getting a better deal

If you are being hit by higher insurance premiums it is time to turn the tables on the insurers using these tips to get cheaper car insurance.
Car insurance premiums for drivers in Cornwall are set to rise by up to £75 a year after a recent Government ruling.
Other things that can reduce the price are removing other types of cover including breakdown cover, windscreen cover, cover when driving abroad and the courtesy car option.
And that means insurance premiums are going up for everybody to cover the cost.
It is worth checking if some of the options are covered by your home insurance, travel insurance and AA or RAC membership.

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