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The Audi registrations recorded over 6,900 units, followed by the BMW registrations of used cars, with almost 5,800 units.

according to The Audi registrations recorded over 6,900 units, followed by the BMW registrations of used cars, with almost 5,800 units.
Volkswagen ranked first, with over 21,500 used cars registered in Romania in January and February.
The registrations of used cars exploded in Romania in the first two months of the year, reaching over 76,400 units, up almost 95% compared to the same period in 2016.
By comparison, the registrations of second-hand cars amounted to over 39,300 units in January-February 2016, according to the Driving Licenses and Car Registrations Directorate (DRPCIV).
In February this year, some 68,700 used cars were registered, more than triple compared to the same month last year, after the environment tax on second-hand cars was removed.

Registrations of used cars almost double in Romania in the first two months

as mentioned in MORE: Aston Barclay predicts healthy finish to 2016 for used car marketMORE: Busy times for Aston Barclay with 100 per cent conversion rateMORE: Aston Barclay signs exclusive deal with CargiantOn 12 Bands And A Singer You Need To Have On Your Driving Playlist
THE used car market is showing no signs of cooling down, despite the high volume of PCP cars coming back into dealers as part-exchanges, according to the Aston Barclay Group.
It has reported very strong demand from franchised and independent dealers as they buy used cars at auction to satisfy healthy retail requirements.
‘Used PCP schemes are helping feed the retail demand.
‘Initially, industry pundits were worried that the volume of PCP part-exchanges coming back into the dealers was going to prevent them from buying as many used cars from the trade.

April tax rules could mean consumers opting for used cars over new

as mentioned in “The new car tax rules are just a series of recent cost hikes to burn a hole in the pockets of Britain’s motorists,” said Stretton.
The new car tax laws are putting drivers off buying new cars.
New laws for cars registered from April 1> The new laws only apply to new 2017-plate cars registered from April 1st.
According to’s research, the average driver currently pays around £102 for their car tax every year.
“And more than half (57%) think the rules are just imposing yet another unnecessary cost for drivers.”Only one in 10 drivers understand the new Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) rules, found.

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