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New Jersey dealer of high-end used cars sold fake warranties .

New Jersey-based auto dealer that specializes in high-end used cars sold customers warranties that did not exist and pocketed the thousands of dollars customers paid for them.Lawyer Susan Chana Lask said her clients are seeking more than $5 million from Richard Catena Auto Wholesalers.
The lawsuit was filed March 10 in federal court and seeks class-action status.The suit alleges that the firm and its employees pushed and sold the warranties to unsuspecting car buyers for years.
Some customers claim they only learned the warranties were no good when they tried to use them after their vehicles developed problems.Plaintiffs filed under consumer fraud and other laws for consumers in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and nationwide.

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Sales of non-domestic used cars skyrocket

used cars warranties
dealer of high-end used cars sold fake warranties

An interior view of Mercedes-Benz Korea’s “StarClass” certified used car dealership.
The automaker still stands as the country’s highest-selling official used car dealer.Last year, BMW sold 6,900 units, marking a 32.7 percent increase from 2015.BMW Korea first entered the domestic used car business in 2006 and recorded sales of 487 units in its first year.
In its first full year last year, the car maker sold 1,300 vehicles.By Julie Jackson (
Over the past decade, the company’s sales have been on a steady incline every year from 1,129 units in 2010 to 5,200 in 2015.Audi Korea also joined the certified used car dealership in September 2015, selling 328 units in four months to the end of the year.
1 spot in the domestic import market.In addition, Benz’s second-hand car sales in 2016 also recorded the highest jump among all its competitors, selling a total of 4,281 used units last year, up 3,322 units compared to the previous year, according to company officials.When Mercedes-Bez first kick-started its certified used car ventures in 2011, company sales had hovered at an average of 380 units until 2013.Looking to expand its second-hand vehicle business, the company stated that it plans to increase the number of its previously-owned car dealerships, referred to as “StarClass,” by adding nine more centers by the end of the year for a total of 20 locations.BMW Korea has also seen a significant boom in its sales of certified used vehicles.

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Senate OKs bill allowing sale of used cars with no warranty

used car dealership
Mercedes-Benz Korea’s “StarClass” certified used car dealership.

West Virginia’s Senate has voted to permit the sale of used cars that cannot even run provided their condition is disclosed.
Hathaway says his dealership provides maintenance for older cars before they’re sold to consumers.
Sen. Charles Trump says lawmakers were told that West Virginia was losing such sales to other states that allow them.
The bill approved 33-1 on Tuesday would authorize “as is” sales of vehicles without the usually required implied warranties that they are operable and can pass state safety inspections.
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