Toyota Motor will use artificial intelligence to speed up new batteries

Automakers have been investing heavily in developing new batteries and fuel cells to increase the range of electric vehicles.
China in particular is banking on the heavy use of electric vehicles in the future.
Toyota will invest around US$35mil (RM154.8mil) in its North American research arm, the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and will involve collaboration with a number of US academic institutions including the University of Michigan and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and British material sciences company Ilika Plc.
“Platinum is a great catalyst, but is there another compound out there that uses little platinum or no platinum at all?”
DETROIT: Toyota Motor Corp will use artificial intelligence in new research to speed up the discovery of advanced battery materials and fuel-cell catalysts to power electric and other emission-free vehicles, the company said on Thursday.

Toyota new batteries

As it stated in The company said Wednesday it will introduce an off-road concept with urban chops called the FT-4X Concept in April at the New York auto show.
Toyota released a teaser photo of the concept — a chunky wheel-and-tire combination with a strong hint of wheel well.
The “Four Wheeling, Scene Stealing” concept, in Toyota parlance, is expected to be an urban-sized crossover with off-road character.
The FJ Cruiser went on sale in 2006 and was marketed at the same crowd that adored Hummer and Jeep.
U.S. sales of the FJ Cruiser peaked at 56,225 in 2006 but never topped 20,000 after 2008.

Microsoft, Toyota announce new licensing agreement for connected car IP –

Toyota licensing agreement

As it stated in At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced the Microsoft Connected Car Platform, a development platform for connected car technologies using the Azure cloud.
Besides Azure, the Microsoft Connected Car Platform takes advantage of other proprietary Microsoft software including Office 365, Power BI, Cortana and Skype for Business.
Microsoft’s partnership with Toyota is the first one resulting from the company’s efforts to increase licensing agreements covering Microsoft’s connected car technologies.
Among Microsoft’s patented connected car technologies include cloud-based driver assistance systems to prevent impending collisions.
Microsoft isn’t the only company with which Toyota is working to develop connected car technologies, however.

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