An angry Jeep driver give a BMW owner a parking lesson

This is the moment a furious Jeep driver gets revenge on a badly parked BMW- by shoving it back into a space.
The gleaming car can be seen parked diagonally across two spaces, a move which seems to have ignited rage from the Jeep driver.
The Jeep can be seen ramming the BMW a couple more times before giving up and driving off  The Jeep’s huge bumper left a noticeable dent on the BMW.
As the Jeep pulls up alongside the offending car the driver can be heard saying:”look at this guy, look at his parking man, record I’m about to do something”.
And in December last year homeowner Andrew Krasucky, 26, from Hounslow, west London, got revenge on an inconsiderate van driver blocking his driveway by pinching his keys and hiding them for six hours

 Jeep driver

As it stated in The unseen Jeep driver was angry that the BMW was double parked in this unspecified lot
An angry Jeep driver decided to give a BMW owner a parking lesson.
Video captured by an unidentified person shows exactly how the Jeep driver chose to deal with the situation.
The empty BMW was double parked in an unspecified lot, presumably to not have its doors hit by other vehicles.
Try as they might, the Jeep driver couldn’t push the BMW into one parking spot.

A Jeep pushes a badly parked BMW into a parking space

BMW parking

As it stated in Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)THIS is the bizarre moment a Jeep driver tried to force a badly parked car into a space – by ramming it.
The Average Car Guy / YouTube 3 The driver of the white Jeep spots the badly parked BMW in a car park and decides to take actionThe Average Car Guy / YouTube 3 The Jeep driver drives into the luxury BMW to try and force it into one spaceThe BMW is parked across two spaces when the jeep owner decides to take matters into his own hands.
It then is filmed from outside the vehicle showing the moment the driver rams the BMW.
The shocking footage captured the motorist driving toward the BMW and appearing to leave a dent in its side.
The clips appears to start from inside the Jeep as it pulls into a shopping centre car park.

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