A new arrival electric sedan car is in NY Auto Show

A new rival electric car is in town and it’s got more power, more range.
Lucid Motors showed off the all-electric sedan Air at the New York International Auto Show on Thursday.
The 10-year-old company unveiled the electric sedan in mid-December, but has not revealed the number of reservations received so far.
The company has been posting some really promising videos online about the sedan Air and drawing attention of enthusiasts and technologists.
One of them shows the Air taking its first high-speed stability test on an Ohio track, during which it clocks 349 kph (217mph).

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As it stated in Lucid Motors’ first electric vehicle is the Lucid Air, which it says will hit production in Arizona in 2019.
Secretive Chinese-backed electric vehicle start-up Faraday Future, for example, has made big claims about its plans for an ultra-luxury electric car, but its path to industry domination remains full of obstacles.
(Photo: Lucid Motors)NEW YORK — Add another start-up to the list of dreamers trying to become the next Tesla.
Lucid Motors, whose leaders include former Tesla Model S engineer Peter Rawlinson, generated buzz among industry watchers after announcing in 2016 that it would construct a $700 million plant in Arizona beginning in the second quarter of 2017.
Related:That’s why a Silicon Valley start-up called Lucid Motors came here to the New York Auto Show to proudly display its sleek luxury electric sedan, dubbed the Lucid Air, and showcase another test vehicle designed to demonstrate its engineering prowess.

As it stated in

Lucid shows 217 mph electric car at New York Auto Show

NY auto show

Wayne Cunningham/RoadshowWhen Lucid announced the Air electric car last year, it said the sedan would come with two electric motors, one at each axle, making a combined 1,000 horsepower.
The latter, which Lucid calls the Air Alpha Speed car, had just completed testing at the Transportation Research Center in Ohio, sustaining a speed of 217 mph.
And that figure is not necessarily its top speed, as it was running with a program limiting it to 217 mph.
A spokesperson for Lucid said the company is raising series D funding in order to support production.
Referring to a wing mounted on the back of the test car, Rawlinson said the company was considering whether to add an aerodynamic feature to the rear lip of the trunk on higher performance versions of the production car.

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