Mirai Hydrogen Fuel-Cell is the Class 8 truck Toyota created

That’s what Toyota is proving with its new Project Portal hydrogen semi truck, which is getting official this morning at the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in California.
The Project Portal semi looks from the outside like any normal class 8 big rig, and it is ready to carry 80,000 pounds and can go 200 miles per refueling.
Project Portal, though, is a U.S.-led endeavor, Scott said.
Craig Scott (yes, that Craig Scott) told InsideEVs that Project Portal is starting at the ports because it was in Toyota’s back yard and, “It makes the problem glaringly obvious.
Toyota will put one H2 semi into service this summer, with more – potentially – to come.

Toyota Project

as mentioned in “Because we are using a hydrogen fuel cell and motor, this is an EV, but not a battery-powered EV.
The Class 8 truck Toyota created using a Kenworth chassis, generates more than 670 horsepower from electricity generated by two Mirai fuel cell stacks.
Hino, Toyota’s commercial vehicle unit, has hydrogen buses operating in Japan, while another subsidiary makes fuel cell forklifts.
Toyota Motor North America A battle for the future of clean trucks is breaking out.
“We thought great, the fuel cell handles both of those.”Alan Ohnsman covers the intersection of technology, autos and mobility.

Toyota Putting Mirai Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Tech in a Semi

Toyota Fuel-Cell

as mentioned in For Toyota, it could be that local fleets and heavy haulers are a great way to hedge its bets on hydrogen.
Now it’s investing deeply in another even longer one: hydrogen fuel-cell technology.
Nikola’s plan also includes installing hydrogen stations at truck stops around the country—ambitious, given the cost per fueling station.
Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), commended Toyota and urged other companies to become involved.
Toyota has played one long game—hybrid technology—and done it smartly.



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