Toyota joined the low-emission truck race with a Kenworth

“By bringing this heavy-duty, zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell proof-of-concept truck to the port, Toyota has planted a flag that we hope many others will follow,” Nichols says.
Toyota announces Kenworth-based hydrogen truck By: Cobey Bartels Project Portal is Japanese firm’s plan for zero-emission freight transportFollowing last week’s news that Tesla has an electric semi set for September, Toyota has joined the low-emission truck race with a Kenworth-based offering.
Toyota has scaled-up its proprietary fuel-cell technology from the Mirai to develop an emission-free power source for a 36-tonne truck.
Dubbed ‘Project Portal’, Toyota plans to use the concept truck to conduct a feasibility study into the potential of fuel-cell technology in heavy-duty applications.
“With Project Portal, we’re proud to help explore the societal benefits of a true zero-emission heavy-duty truck platform.”

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Toyota powers big rigs with hydrogen fuel cells

The truck has two fuel cell stacks from the Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car, hydrogen storage tanks, a 12 kWh battery, and heavy-duty electric motors on board.
“Toyota believes that hydrogen fuel cell technology has tremendous potential to become the powertrain of the future,” said Toyota Motors North America Vice President Bob Carter.
Toyota estimates that the hydrogen fuel cell truck’s driving range is over 200 miles (322 km) per fill under normal operations.
The truck looks to be a Kenworth semi-truck rig that has had its diesel powerplant removed and replaced with hydrogen fuel cells and electric motors.
Project Portal is Toyota’s step towards broadening the application of zero-emissions fuel cell technologies.
Toyota trucks

As it stated in Because hydrogen fuel cell powertrains produce no tailpipe emissions, they are a very attractive solution despite infrastructure limitations for hydrogen fuel.
ToyotaJim ResnickToyotaFurther Reading Toyota Mirai review: A futuristic, super-smooth hydrogen fuel cell car An 80,000lb (36,288kg) Class-8 tractor-trailer combo using a development fuel cell drivetrain from two small Toyota Mirai sedans?
Two years ago, Toyota began secretly testing a hydrogen fuel cell system alternative to the conventional diesel powertrain for heavy Class-8 trucks.
Though other companies have researched either electric or fuel cell heavy-duty trucking—Mercedes placed medium-duty trucks in controlled fleets this year in Europe, for example—none have pulled the fuel cell trigger in the US.
Toyota fits two Toyota Mirai drivetrains running in series, with two fuel cell stacks linked up to two batteries and two motors.

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