It’s time for you to take the wheel of a flying car

There are companies that will try to convince you that what they’re working on is a flying car.
Lilium, another startup that’s also operating in the “flying car” space, has produced a vehicle that doesn’t even have wheels.
It, along with other similar vehicles, is being referred to as a “flying car.” But is that really what these machines are?
(Reuters/Jean-Paul Pelissier)Perhaps this will be a moot point, as many of these same “flying car” companies are also working on making these machines fly themselves.
But these definitely won’t be the flying cars we were promised.

flying car
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The world’s first flying car is now for sale

It’s time for you to take the wheel — the wheel of a flying car.
That’s right, the very first futuristic flying car is now on the market.
The AeroMobil Flying Car has been inspired “by a desire to give customers true freedom of movement,” while also being “efficient,” says the company’s website.
A Slovakian company named AeroMobil has announced it is taking pre-orders on its flying car, that could be available in as soon as three years.
“Today is a transformative day for the future of travel as the launch of the AeroMobil means and that everyday flying transportation will soon be a reality,” said Juraj Vaculik, co-founder and CEO of AeroMobil.
flying car

according to Flying-car company AeroMobil revealed its new model today, and is set to start taking pre-orders for the limited first edition run of the hybrid vehicle.
The AeroMobil does sound impressive on paper, however: It transforms from car mode to air in less than 3 minutes.
The price tag is fancy, too: The car starts at $1.3 million, so you’re not going to see a lot of these in neighborhood driveways.
Top ground speed for the AeroMobil car-plane is around 100 mph, while it can do around 224 mph while gunning it during flight.
AeroMobil is more emphatic about safety than speed, however — the vehicle has a lot of features designed to make sure it can withstand even choppy flying weather.



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