Uber believes it can offer rides in flying cars

The tech company announced Tuesday at its Elevate Summit that it has struck partnerships with the cities of Dallas and Dubai to demonstrate a network of flying cars by 2020.
Uber believes that investing in flying cars is essential to protecting its business, and envisions full-scale operations of a flying car network launching in 2023.
Many hurdles remain to making flying cars safe, affordable and reliable.
The company believes it can offer rides in flying cars for about the same price as an UberX ride.
Uber also announced a handful of partnerships with aviation companies to develop and deliver a flying car.

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Silicon Valley not making true flying cars

flying cars

I know a flying car when I see one, and I’m sorry, Larry Page, but your pontoon drone is no flying car.
Until Terrafugia came along, flying cars were usually adequate as cars and lousy as planes.
Here’s a rundown of all the buzzy “flying cars” that have been making news.
Flying cars are all the rage in Silicon Valley.
But only two vehicles could properly be termed flying cars — because they can both fly and drive.

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Stop calling them flying cars

flying cars

We need to stop calling these things “flying cars.” There is no such thing as flying cars.
After welcoming everyone to the conference in Dallas, he marveled at how “flying cars… are actually arriving now.”Whoops.
There is no such thing as flying cars.
Those images no doubt inspired many of the flying cars in popular culture we remember best, like The Jetsons, Back to the Future, and Star Wars.
Flying cars, of course, are ridiculous.



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