Apple’s self-driving car finally hit the streets

Apple Inc. and Tesla Inc. are among the companies, cities, business and civic entities and individuals that have asked California regulators to make changes in the state’s proposed policies on self-driving cars.
Tesla specifically railed against weight restrictions for driverless vehicles.
Apple earlier this month joined a growing list of tech companies, car makers, and other ventures racing to develop driverless cars and applying for testing their vehicles on California’s public roads.
Tesla Inc. TSLA, +1.76% and other companies have also put in comments to the California DMV, broadly asking the regulators to relax some of the state’s proposed rules for testing driverless cars, including requests to allow testing of vehicles without pedals or steering wheels.
Planned tests, system bugs, discretionary decisions by the test driver and other similar disengagements should not have to be reported, the company argued.

 Apple and Tesla

referring to On April 21 , a report revealed snippets of Apple’s California Department of Motor Vehicles self-driving car application, offering insight into the company’s autonomous vehicle project.
A letter from Apple to the California Department of Motor Vehicles is seeking alterations in test protocols and reporting requirements for automated vehicle testing, and also declares that the company is seeking to increase public acceptance of self-driving cars.
Access to transparent and intuitive data on the safety of the vehicles being tested will be central to gaining public acceptance,” writes Kenner.
The letter from Apple, first spotted by Reuters is written by Director of Product Integrity Steve Kenner.
“”Apple believes that public acceptance is essential to the advancement of automated vehicles.

Apple’s self-driving car reportedly spotted driving in California

Apple's car

referring to Apple’s self-driving car looks to have finally hit the streets.
Here is an Apple self-driving car.
First, the company was granted permission by the California DMV to test three self-driving Lexus SUVs on public streets in the state.
But Apple is reportedly focused on developing the software behind an autonomous platform before shifting gears to other aspects of the platform, so that should come as no surprise.
Then a public records request unearthed documents that fleshed out the company’s plans in greater detail, revealing that Apple is specifically working to develop an autonomous platform called the “Apple Autonomous System.”



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