BvL offers all required systems from a single source

Because of its compact design in container form, the high-pressure deburring system can be ideally integrated into the production process.
The flood/spray system with revolving wheel technology offers thorough cleaning through rotation of the parts baskets or parts carriers around the horizontal axis.
BvL offers all required systems from a single source: from pre-cleaning, deburring and fine cleaning to drying and cooling.
While the component is deburred, the empty workpiece holders in this special application move through a washing unit integrated into the high-pressure system.
The necessity for clean components in the automotive industry requires reliable cleaning technologies.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry dynamics attract the highest sector’s investors worldwide

As it stated in Rabat – Boosted by the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PAI), the automotive industry dynamics continue to attract the highest sector’s investors worldwide.
The automotive sector is also experiencing a gradual rise in the range of local companies, attracting Moroccan investors, with local manufacturers, especially in the textile sector, launching themselves into the production of seat caps and other small parts automotive products.
The sector is now well-positioned in the world of equipment manufacturers and renowned multinationals.
Due to the good health of the sector, clearly boosted by the Industrial Acceleration Plan (PAI), Morocco continues to attract the biggest caliber of the automotive industry worldwide, reaping the rewards of a well-managed strategy carefully crafted over several years.
Around 60 factories and projects were initiated in 2016, with some are already operational and others still under construction.
Moroccan Automotive Industry

As it stated in But as Australia’s economy shifted, no amount of horsepower could have outrun its government’s cannibalization of the manufacturing industry and the attractively cheap competition.
Who knows what the alternate approach of fighting to keep Australian manufacturing competitive would have resulted in.
[Australia] is now a country whose economy is about doing things and helping people,” argued Jason Murphy, an Australian economics commentator.
Australia decided to stop subsidizing the industry and slowly pull the plug instead.
Was it a wise decision for the government to slowly kill off its auto industry?



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