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CarrierCompare allows users to directly compare car insurance plans

The privately held company today announced the launch of a new car insurance tool, CarrierCompare, and told GeekWire that March of 2017 was its most profitable month yet.
The new Carrier Compare tool allows users to directly compare car insurance plans from 30 insurance providers, giving objective assessments on elements like consumer satisfaction and financial strength.
“When users access a company page on CarrierCompare, they also have the option to directly compare it alongside another insurance company.
After a rocky end to 2016, Seattle-based insurance comparison startup QuoteWizard is back in the game.
“We developed CarrierCompare to be much more than just a company database,” QuoteWizard Content Manager Adam Johnson said in a press release.

car insurance

as declared in Fudging information on a car insurance application to get a lower rate might not seem a big deal to you, but it is to car insurance companies.
“Self-reported estimates are notoriously inaccurate.”The car, how it’s used and other detailsCost: $4.1 billionThe type and age of a car, who owns it and whether it’s used for business are some of the details that affect car insurance prices.
Lies and honest mistakes by customers and insurance agents cost car insurers an estimated $29 billion in 2016, according to a new report by Verisk Insurance Solutions, a data analytics company.
But Verisk estimates 12% to 15% of car insurance policies are missing drivers.
Here are the details customers lie about, forget or omit the most:Who’s driving the carCost: $10.3 billionYou’re supposed to list the licensed drivers in the household on a car insurance policy.

Can good drivers really save 50% of their car insurance? A new local insurance company says yes

car insurance

as declared in Now I don’t get into accidents, but I’m admittedly an aggressive driver driver, so I was really curious to see my quote.
Now I was bundling my car insurance with homeowner’s which earned me a higher discount than if I just had car insurance alone.
“I received my renewal rate from my old car insurance company and I said what is this?”
(Photo: Barry Wolf, WKYC)CLEVELAND – We have a follow up on that Ohio-based car insurance company our Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino told you about a few weeks ago.
“So far it seems like you’re a good driver,” Dan said.



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