The transport industry has come up with a unique compromise

Many of today’s emerging technologies are being developed for the transport industry.
The transport industry has come up with a unique compromise.
Using the transport industry as a guide, here are the major changes we expect to see:A New Source of FuelOil is on the way out.
This means that whatever high tech innovation finds its way into transport trucks, will likely be used in consumer vehicles.
Journalists can always speculate about what’s to come, but there is a better way to see what the future holds.

 Automotive Industry

as mentioned in When borrowers default on payments, lenders can use remote shutdown technology to disable the ignition of the vehicle.
Currently, in fleet vehicles, the remote vehicle lockdown devices are being integrated with a comprehensive security device which provides complete vehicle security inclusive of GPS tracking and anti-theft security alarm.
The growing prevalence of vehicle theft and loss of cargos from fleet vehicles has now made it a priority for vehicle owners to use remote shutdown systems.
On a global basis, the largest market for remote vehicle shutdown technology is North America, followed by Europe, South America, Asia Pacific and the MENA region.
In the event that the vehicle is stolen, it can be immobilized remotely using these systems.

as mentioned in

BvL Offers Clean, Burr-Free Parts for Automotive Industry : Products Finishing

Automotive Industry

Because of its compact design in container form, the high-pressure deburring system can be ideally integrated into the production process.
The flood/spray system with revolving wheel technology offers thorough cleaning through rotation of the parts baskets or parts carriers around the horizontal axis.
BvL offers all required systems from a single source: from pre-cleaning, deburring and fine cleaning to drying and cooling.
While the component is deburred, the empty workpiece holders in this special application move through a washing unit integrated into the high-pressure system.
The necessity for clean components in the automotive industry requires reliable cleaning technologies.


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