BMW’s four-door 2002 with M3 engine swap

The BMW 2002 has – according to countless reports – been almost solely responsible for making the German brand a well-known performance address in America.
This 1976 BMW 2002 has just saw it fit to pay a visit to Jay Leno’s comprehensive garage and the well-known comic, TV host and car aficionado claims this particular example to be his perfect restomod.
Marc Norris from Bavarian Workshop is the author of this 2002, which has been done about a decade ago for a client.
Now its beating heart is a 2.3-liter S14 four-cylinder from a 1989 E30 M3, complete with five-speed manual instead of the old four-speed.
It also got fender flares for the 16-inch wheels while extensive modifications to the suspension ensure all the power gets properly to the road.

BMW 2002

as mentioned in As Leno mentions, the 230 horsepower the M3 engine makes is roughly double what the 2002 would have made originally.
It’s a 1976 2002 built by Marc Norris of Bavarian Workshop, and it has a naturally aspirated four-cylinder from the original E30 M3 .
On this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage , Leno takes a look at yet another engine-swapped compact Bimmer .
Yet, the exhaust still has some good snarl, and you can make out a bit of gargling growl sounds from the intake.
We would agree with Norris, since it sounds a bit noisy and buzzy to us.


BMW’s four-door 2002 ruled the sporty compact sedan roost

BMW 2002

as mentioned in Share Pinterest Email Before the BMW 3-Series dominated professional parking garages, BMW’s four-door 2002 ruled the sporty compact sedan roost.
You might want to crank your volume because the M3 engine sings through a lightly muffled exhaust.
The original 2.0-liter mill was replaced with a 230 hp 1989 M3 engine.
This 2002 was first put together in 1976, but Marc Norris resto-modded it about a decade ago.
Evoking the spirit of the BMW M-performance cars, Norris’ Bavarian Workshop redid nearly every part of this vintage Bimmer.



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