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BMW i3 can be found on the used market

Even on this side of the Atlantic, the BMW i3 can be found for pretty cheap on the used market.
So it’s often used cars that are the better value, as you let the first owner take the depreciation hit.
Because of that, you can find some really great cars for quite cheap on the second-hand market.
So a used i3 can be a great starting point for someone who just wants to dip their toes into EV waters.
That’s quite cheap for a car that has its passenger cell developed from carbon fiber and runs entirely on electricity.

BMW i3

as informed in Motorists are being warned to be on the lookout for fake NCT certs on cars they are thinking of buying.
Motorists warned of fake NCT certs on used cars which are difficult distinguish from genuine versionsThe cars are potentially dangerous but are being traded as safe because the false certs suggest they have passed the national test.
In some examples, the authentic 12-digit serial number is also in a larger font than the 11-digit fake number.
An invalid NCT cert can invoke five penalty points, a €2,000 fine and possibly three months’ jail.
According to MyVehicle the forgers can “put whatever they like” on the certs: expiry dates, mileage, NCT cert number etc.
used cars

as informed in “Prices of vehicles declined significantly within last three months,” Ahmad, a trader told The Peninsula at second hand vehicles market at Industrial Area.
As the prices of used cars, especially more than five years old, have fallen further due to decreasing demand caused by business slump and upcoming summer vacation.
The old model vehicles (more than 10 to 15 years) have almost lost their charm.
One of my friends is also trading in used cars and he sold a vehicle two days ago at a loss of QR500,” he added.
“Prices of the latest model vehicles went down slightly by a few thousand riyals.



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