Ford Mustang became an overnight success after its launch in 1964

This 1965 Mustang is believed to be the second one ever built (Photo: Mecum Auctions)INDIANAPOLIS — A 1965 Ford Mustang goes up for auction here this month, a car that represents a piece of history.
“I know how to read Ford VIN numbers,” says Bob Fria, its current owner who was able to figure out its significance.
With the vehicle identification number, or VIN, of 5F07U100002, it’s believed to be the first Mustang hardtop ever made.
It goes on the auction block at Mecum’s Indianapolis auction, May 16 to 21.
The Mustang was among the 150 to 180 pre-production Mustangs built between Feb. 10 and March 5, 1964.

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A 1970 AWD Ford Mustang Convertible is the Latest Incredible Barn Find

If you’re confused right now—there’s no such thing as a factory AWD Mustang, right?—it’s worth revisiting an important but largely-unknown chapter in the model’s history.
So while the 1970 Ford Mustang featured here for sale may not have starred in any famous movie chases, it still has pretty remarkable secret up its sleeve—”factory” all-wheel-drive, making it quite possibly the only droptop ‘Stang so equipped in existence today.
It’s in rough shape after sitting in a barn for decades, but can you really put a price on a piece of pony car history?
The Mustang became an overnight success after its launch in 1964, and Ford engineers had to figure out how to keep that momentum going with fresh ideas to expand the line.
Meanwhile, a small British company called Ferguson Research had spun out of tractor manufacturer Massey Ferguson a decade prior with the goal of designing the first full-time AWD system for road and race cars.
Ford Mustang Brochure

according to Be sure to visit to check out the new 2018 Ford Mustang brochure yourself.
The brochure for the newly-revamped, 2018 Ford Mustang was just shared online, thanks to website Mustang6G, laying bare all of the pony car’s new standard and optional goodies.
White Platinum Metallic Tri-coat and Grabber Blue have both been dropped.
The base V6 Mustang is, of course, no more, but most everything else is the same as far as standard features are concerned.
The 2018 model does receive a new set of LED headlamps and LED signature lighting, while several new exterior paint options have been added: Orange Fury Metallic Tri-coat, Royal Crimson Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, and Kona Blue.



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