Mercedes-Benz launched a special edition CLA 180 star wars in Japan

celebrate 40 years of Star Wars , Mercedes-Benz has introduced a special edition CLA 180 in Japan dubbed the Star Wars Edition.Production of the model will be capped to just 120 units, 60 of which will be painted Calsite White to honor the Stormtrooper while the remaining 60 will pay homage to Darth Vader with a Knight Black paint scheme and black 18-inch AMG wheels.A myriads of Star Wars badges are also found within the limited edition CLA 180 models, including on the floor mats, the welcome lights and a reversible sunshade that features main Star Wars characters.To get behind the wheel of a CLA 180 Star Editions Edition, Japanese customers will need to part ways with 5.04 million yen ($44,844).

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Mercedes-Benz Japan is selling a CLA 180 Star Wars edition

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as declared in Because Star Wars Day is now an international corporate marketing holiday, Mercedes-Benz has chosen May 4, 2017, to announce a couple of CLAs for the Japan market.
If you happen to want a right-hand-drive CLA with less power than U.S. models but a smidge more Star Wars, Mercedes-Benz Japan will be happy to sell you one for the equivalent of $44,800.
Available in either Storm troopertastic Calcite White or Vaderrific Night Black, the CLA180s both feature black interiors. Mercedes-Benz has introduced a special edition CLA 180 in Japan dubbed the Star Wars Edition.
Accessories include hyperspace-look, logo-emblazoned floor mats; a sunshade featuring Chewie, Luke, Ben, and Han in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon; puddle lamps that project the Star Wars logo onto the ground, an R2-D2 noisemaker, and a Star Wars 40th Anniversary license plate.
Or you could buy a base U.S.-spec C-class and spend the saved thousands on commissioning a wrap to commemorate the destruction of the Death Star.



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