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car insurance policies has increased by 12.9%

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And they can deliver serious savings to motorists, slashing the cost of your car insurance significantly.
For example, when you get a Nextbase dashcam installed in your car you can enjoy a 12.5% discount on you car insurance policy with Swiftcover , while SureThing!
Tackling rising car insurance costsAccording to the AA ’s latest British Insurance Premium Index over the past 12 months, the average Shoparound premium – essentially the average of the five ‘best’ quotes available – for comprehensive car insurance policies has increased by 12.9%, the equivalent of an extra £73.42.
Adrian Flux offers a discount of up to 15% on car insurance policies if you use one of the dashcams listed on its website .

car insurance

car insurance providers have been found to overpay by £1,400

as mentioned in Drivers who fail to switch car insurance providers have been found to overpay by £1,400 over a decade compared to those who shop around.
• Cheapest cars to insure 2016/2017The Financial Conduct Authority introduced new rules in April, which require insurers to display the current and renewal price for motorists.
The longer drivers stay with the same provider, the more their loyalty costs them, as the study found drivers staying with the same provider for 10 years will lose £1,400.
The FCA estimates the new laws will save motorists and other consumers more than £100million by alerting them of any price hikes.
An audit of 9,000 motorists by research agency Consumer Intelligence found drivers who stick with the same car insurer after the first year lose on average £63 compared to those who switch providers.
car insurance

as mentioned in In 2016, Liberty Mutual filed and received approval from the Michigan Department of Insurance for an increase in auto insurance rates that went into effect this year.
Citing customer privacy, Liberty Mutual wouldn’t tell us why Tilly’s auto insurance doubled.
“And I ask them why the difference and they just said, ‘The state of Michigan,'” Tilly said.
She found a new insurance company that is $50 cheaper a month.
If you have home and auto insurance, use the same company and you could get a discount.



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