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UK market places BMW i3 as one of the top used cars choices

7 days ago by Mark Kane Auto Express has explored the best used vehicle options the UK market offers under £15,000 ($19,250), and places the BMW i3 as one of the top five choices.
The i3 is a showcase for BMW’s clean technology, and its quirky looks only help to cement its technological appeal.
Trawl the classifieds, and you’ll that find nearly twice as many REx models are available, but the former is the cheaper option.
Obviously having £15,000 to burn, you could also consider a more reliable new car purchase at the same time, but the used segment can offer some decent, more premium choices for the same buck.
There are two versions of the car: a pure EV or a range extender (REx) with a two-cylinder petrol motorcycle engine that acts as a generator.

Used Cars

as mentioned in Prius Prime Top Selling EVMost recently, it is the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that is selling well in the U.S. market.
Its most recent achievement is that the Toyota Prius is the fastest-selling used car in the U.K. according to WardsAuto and AutoTrader.
The best-selling green car in history, the Toyota Prius hybrid, has also garnered some other very interesting car sales titles.
Prius Top Selling In California – Means Lots of Used Prius CarsIn past years the Toyota Prius was not just the top-selling green car, it has also been the top-selling car overall in certain markets.
Here, the Prius Prime outsold every other model with a plug including nearly outselling the entire output of Tesla in April.

as mentioned in

Best Bets In Certified Used Cars

used cars

To that end, automakers have established so-called certified pre-owned (CPO) programs that aim to take a good chunk of the risk out of buying a used vehicle.
Some programs additionally offer cut-rate financing programs that can be big money savers, though these are usually limited to “well qualified” buyers having top credit scores.
“With CPO inspection and warranty coverage, you’re likely to get a vehicle that is among the better choices out there.”
Land Rover: This upscale SUV brand offers comprehensive warranty coverage for up to seven years or 100,000 miles.
This upscale SUV brand offers comprehensive warranty coverage for up to seven years or 100,000 miles.


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