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The History of the emergence of sports car in the world

The start date of sports car was in the early 20th century, and these cars were involved in the first rally races such as the Monte Carlo Rally. The first sports car is a Vauxhall 3 liter, made in 1910 with a power of 20 hp (15 kW) and a car of the Astro-Daimler 27 / 80PS designed by Ferdinand Porsche. They were soon followed by DUP (Doryot, Flandit & Parant), which became sports cars modified by both HM and BMW Bentley, as well as the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost or Ghost Silver. In the United States, where sports cars were named by different names such as Roadster and Speedster, there were Eberson, Keisel, Marion, Midland, National, Overland, Studard-Dayton and Thomas brands in small cars (now called sports car) Brands of Chadwick, Mercer, Stats and Simplics (now called sports sedan cars). In 1921, Balot produced its 2 LS, which was powered by a 75 hp (56 kW) DOHC 2-liter engine designed by Ernest Henry, capable of reaching a top speed of 150 km / h (90 miles) He made 100 cars in four years. Next came the model 2T and the 2Ts model with the new SOHC engine.

In the same year, Benz manufactured a 28 / 95PS car for the Florio Cup. In 1924, Simson manufactured the Subra Type S, a 60-horsepower, two-liter DOHC engine with a long wheelbase. The car was in two versions, one sedan reaching a top speed of 120 km / h and the other a sports car up to speed With a maximum of 115 km / h with the latter being supplied with a pair of carperaters, of which only 30 were sold, compared with 300 from the SOHC and 750 Subra. By 1925, there was a clear bottleneck in the history of the sports car industry. The four-seat sedan became more lucrative, and car makers specializing in sports cars such as Elvis, Aston Martin and Fraser Nash, with little budgets and limited sales, Martin and 323 Fraser-Nash cars between 1921 and 1939. By the end of the 1920s, AC provided the Nazaro with a 3.5-liter OHC engine only until 1922, while Benz introduced its powerful SS and SSK, while the Alfa Romeo manufactured the 6C, designed by Vittorio Jano.

Engine position, seat position and seating in sports cars

sports car
The History of the emergence of sports car in the world

In order to seek improved and developed weight distribution and control, other modes are sometimes used, such as a rear-rear drive position that is used only in sports car with the engine in the center of the chassis and rear of the driver’s seat, and only the rear wheels. Some high-performance car makers like Ferrari and Lamborghini prefer this situation. Rear-drive rear-drive mode is one of the features used by a few of today’s companies, such as Porsche Germany. This position is reflected in the new Porsche 911, which gives the weight of the engine distributed on the wheels excellent control in the clouds but the block of engine behind the rear wheels make the car more likely to deviate from the road in some situations. Porsche has continuously developed the design and in the current years has added electronic driving improvement systems such as a stability control system to address these design deficiencies. There are some sports cars that have used a forward-front drive position such as Fiat Barquita, Saab Sonnet and Berkeley cars. This mode is useful for low-weight, low-power sports cars, which avoid excess weight, increased loss of power transmission, and problems with long drive shafts and longitudinal engines in front-wheel drive vehicles. This situation is common among compact sports cars, hatchbacks, and cars in general, except sports cars. Before the 1980s, a few sports car used a four-wheel drive system that added a lot of weight, of course. Although not a sports car, Audi Quattro has proven the importance of a four-wheel drive system. With improved clouds, especially in bad weather conditions, the four-wheel drive is no longer popular in high-end sports cars such as Porsche, Lamborghini and Bugatti Veyron .

The best sports cars in the world

sports car
The History of the emergence of sports car in the world

There are a lot of people who do not like to ride sports car and consider them to be dedicated only to the speeds and racetrack sports, but today these sports cars are really suitable for long distances easily for lovers of land travel, the variety of sports cars by type and model made us carved in the best of them .

here is the best 5 sports car ..

1- McLaren 650S Spider

It is a super car in the sense of the word we are talking about a very elegant car, and the speed of the event is not wrong, this car speed of more than 320 kilometers per hour and the torque in the rotation is very excellent, its torque up to 678 Newton / meter and the power of 650 horsepower, It is enough to drive a car to a speed of 100 kilometers in just three seconds. It is a very distinctive car that is suitable for many on trips and long distances.

2- Aston Martin 12 Vantage S. Roadster

The car has an unrivaled stability even if the speed reaches a maximum of about 60 mph in 3.9 seconds with 12 cylinder cylinders and a speed of 570 horsepower. All this can be shut down to a maximum speed of 201 mph, A ground-based rocket-propelled vehicle does not feel like traveling on any journey, no matter how long it takes.

3- Bentley GT3 R

The production of this type and quality was limited to only 300 cars and was lucky to have bought this car or the one who buys it after that, because the car has the potential to make it the best among all the cars of the world, especially sports car and Bentley is famous for the distinctive and powerful cars, This is a very fast type. We’re talking about a 580 horsepower and 700 Newton per meter torque, and the thing that distinguishes this car is that it can fly at 60 miles per hour in the first 3.6 seconds of its launch. Produced by Bentley.

4- Jaguar F-Type Coupe

We are talking about a powerful and very powerful car that is the Jaguar F-Type Coupe, and it is more powerful than the F-Type convertible. This car has a 542 horsepower engine and is characterized by elegance and stability on the road no matter how fast the rider or leader is. This car has to know that the car is equipped with a backyard where you can store what you want from the luggage and up to about 315 cubic meters, and when riding this car feels that he already has all the possibilities that make him do what he wants on the road.

5- Lamborghini Huracan

This car has a 610 horsepower engine, and its driver can speed up to 325 hp. It is amazing sports car that you can heat and cool the seats as much as possible with additional equipment that the buyer of this vehicle can order. An electric system that can be applied in such vehicles, as well as the installation of a navigation system and the name of this car is due to the name of a Spanish bull known for his feet and courage.



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