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Toyota Prius is the top-selling car overall in certain markets

Prius Prime Top Selling EVMost recently, it is the Prius Prime plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that is selling well in the U.S. market.
Its most recent achievement is that the Toyota Prius is the fastest-selling used car in the U.K. according to WardsAuto and AutoTrader.
Prius Top Selling In California – Means Lots of Used Prius Cars In past years the Toyota Prius was not just the top-selling green car, it has also been the top-selling car overall in certain markets.
The best-selling green car in history, the Toyota Prius hybrid, has also garnered some other very interesting car sales titles.
Here, the Prius Prime outsold every other model with a plug including nearly outselling the entire output of Tesla in April.


As it stated in Fort Worth Police Set to Spend $1.1 Million on Used CarsFort Worth is set to spend $1.1 million on used cars for the police department.
Fort Worth is set to spend $1.1 million on used cars for the police department.
The unmarked, pre-owned cars will be driven by officers in plainclothes, like detectives and some administrators, said Fort Worth police Lt. Paula Fimbres.
The Fort Worth City Council is set to approve the deal on Tuesday.
“The used cars are already depreciated.

As it stated in

World’s Biggest Car Market beginning to see the value in used cars

used cars

And Chinese consumers, beginning to see the value in used cars, are buying them as a second car, Huang says.
Established in 2010 as a joint venture among General Motors China, Shanghai GM and Shanghai Auto Industry Sales, Shanghai Chengxin sells all brands of used cars.
Franchised dealerships account for only about 5% of used-car sales, says Piston, and fewer than 10% of dealerships have their own-brand used-car sales operations.
Some 13 million used cars are on the market in China, the company estimates.
Other roadblocks: Transaction taxes on used-car sales can be high and, until recently, used cars could not be sold outside the province they were registered in.


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