Google Play Store in android phones will include all apps

After announcing yesterday that its Android mobile operating system is now active on 2 billion devices, Google is targeting its next billion users with a new initiative called Android Go.
Android Go is set to make its appearance in 2018 and will target Android devices with memories up to and including 1 GB.
More details about Android O and Android Go are expected to emerge today during the second day of Google I/O.
Google yesterday also released the preview 2 public beta version of Android O for developers.
In addition to optimizing Android O for lower-end devices, Google is also tweaking other apps such as YouTube, Google Play, Chrome, and Gboard to use less memory, storage space, and mobile data, Burke said.

Google Launches Android

Google Play Store on Android Go devices will include all Android apps

according to In addition, the Android Auto mobile app has allowed Android mobile handset users to access its capabilities via their devices.
Embedded Android for Automotive is an entirely new system rather than an update to the Android Auto that Google launched three years ago.
It will allow drivers to utilize Google Maps, listen to Google partner entertainment channels, and ask Google Assistant for help — even without an Android handset present in the vehicle.
In addition to making app development easier for automakers, Google’s system could provide app vetting and an app marketplace.
Since its launch, Android Auto has been integrated into 300 car models and aftermarket entertainment systems.
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according to In other words, the Google Play Store on Android Go devices will include all Android apps, not just apps optimised for Android Go devices.
Can Android Go devices run all Android apps, or only the apps that have been optimised for the Go experience?
Can ‘regular’ Android devices run apps optimised for Android Go?
Will the Google Play Store on Android Go devices only feature these apps?
What about Google apps that ship by default on Android Go devices?



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