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Self-driving , Safety and clean energy in future cars

The automotive industry is one of the most advanced sectors in recent years and has been characterized by continuous innovation and its ability to absorb the technological development of all components of the car. Although today’s car is equipped with the same technology as the aircraft ten years ago, so future cars will be more technically sophisticated and will be a smart machine, self-driving, connected to the Internet and can communicate with others and is not polluted environment .

One of the most important techniques in the future cars is linking cars to each other in the Internet and the information systems of roads, which enables the computer to receive information on the busy points in the streets and suggest alternative routes to avoid. Future cars will provide maximum comfort, luxury and safety, minimize road use and reduce environmental pollution.

Safety and security in future cars

future cars
Self-driving , Safety and clean energy in future cars

Future cars Will be equipped with radars to avoid collision and alert drivers who lose their concentration because of drowsiness or fatigue, are two of the main causes of car accidents. The vehicles will be equipped with systems that cause light vibration in the seat, seat belt or car pedal that can alert the driver in hazardous situations. This feature is expected to be available in all cars by 2020.

In the field of safety, vehicles should be equipped with ways to minimize losses when exposed to hazards from the new airbag technology developed by US-based TRW, which relies on radars distributed on the sides of the vehicle, anticipates danger before it occurs and releases cushions to the outside. In the direction of the next car, and will help this technology to reduce the damage in the incidents of strong and avoid damage in full in minor traffic accidents.

Clean energy is one of the most important features of future cars

future cars
Self-driving , Safety and clean energy in future cars

The future cars will also be environmentally friendly to respond to one of the most important concerns that humanity is concerned about: maintaining a clean environment and reducing sources of pollution. Electric motors and used for clean fuels will replace those used for oil derivatives.

Despite the heavy weight received by technology companies to develop future cars, many problems still stand in the way of smart and clean car, the most important of which is the price is expected to be high compared to traditional cars because of the cost of smart equipment on board, as well as the development of traffic laws to adapt to The technical development of self-leadership and the identification of civil and criminal responsibilities when necessary.

Geely launched futuristic sports sedan car

future cars
Self-driving , Safety and clean energy in future cars

The first brand of Lync & Co of the Chinese company Gili, named 01, was launched immediately to be joined by a sports sedan that was not expected by anyone named Lynk & Co sports future car.

Its front-end design, has an extended front with a wide shock. The headlights of this Chinese car disappear with the lines on the bonnet. The latest Jelly cars feature front doors that open up and rear doors open in the opposite direction.

The most important observation of this car is the abandonment of the mid-pillar pillar between the front and rear doors, which facilitates the entry of passengers with the design of the opening of the various doors, while the back provided Lynk & Co sports car rear lights extended the width of the car as well as air vents to improve aerodynamics.

Although the Chinese mark on the mechanical specifications of this car, but this car will be available in production after the launch of 5 cars marked by Lync & Co .


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