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The mad animal car insurance appeals which cost insurers MILLIONS a year

It might sound like a safari holiday but the nation’s animals have caused thousands of bizarre claims costing insurers millions.
Oh deer…A herd of deer caused £3,500 of damage when they came across a Smart car outside the driver’s home.
Confused peacockA shiny car came at a cost to one driver after a peacock saw its reflection in the recently waxed door.
And it dug through its claims book to uncover the most unusual incidents that include monkeys, deer, goats, rhinos and peacocks.
With its thick hide and horn, it scratched itself all around the car leaving it with paint and bodywork damage.

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If you’re getting car insurance letters you could be portion of a great deception

If you're getting car insurance letters you could be part of a major scam

Churchill car insurance has confirmed Mr Ali’s home was used as part of a scam, and has launched an investigation.
They will often choose somewhere like the Scottish Highlands – but can also choose places nearer to home which have cheaper car insurance.
You may never have heard of ghost brokering, but you could be part of this particular scam if you are receiving lots of car insurance letters through your door.
But for people who take out the fake insurance, their policy is invalidated – and they are effectively driving around with no insurance.
And the insurance company has confirmed his home address was being used as part of a scam.

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You truly could be saving $400 a year on car insurance

From the GEICO gecko to Progressive’s Flo, TV ads for car insurance constantly nag you about saving by comparing rates.
“It’s good to price-check your car insurance regularly because rates change all the time,” said Amy Danise, insurance analyst at NerdWallet.
So over time you may be able to cut your insurance rates by, say, improving your credit rating.
Remember, today’s auto insurance rates are set by a complicated mix of your driving history, what car you drive, where you live and your credit rating.
A survey shows that 17 percent of car owners with insurance have never compared rates, and 21 percent haven’t done so for at least the past three years.

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