Poor, Innocent Toyota Supra Belly Flops Into A Ditch

GIF GIF via Dash cam Owners Australia on You Tube You know how a small dog reacts upon getting let off of its leash near a body of water?
Well, a Toyota Supra did that recently—except it landed in a ditch instead of a body of water.
How the dog will do that excited little run-hop thing before leaping just slightly in the air and landing on its belly?
Advertisement Advertisement Good thing there’s a new “Toyota sports car” out testing these days to take our minds off of this tragedy, right?
You can see photos of the aftermath at the end of the video above, which don’t look great for the Supra.

Poor, Innocent Toyota Supra Belly Flops Into A Ditch

as declared in It has all of the classic Toyota Supra looks and styling.
In this new spy video, we can see the upcoming Toyota Supra hitting the famed Nurburgring and doing some hot laps.
We’ve spoken many times about the upcoming Toyota Supra and how it’s being developed alongside the next-gen BMW Z4.
But to these untrained ears, it sounds like a BMW B58 I6 engine and looks like a Supra.
It would also make a lot of sense for the Supra to use a BMW I6 engine.

Watch a Toyota Supra Fly Off a Road and Try to Touch the Sky

as declared in Poor little Supra.
So what happened to this poor little car?
The poor car is covered in dust and looks to be falling apart.
From the above picture, you may be wondering what this Toyota Supra is doing abandoned in a field.
The driver doesn’t seem to be violating any of Australia’s “Hoon Laws.”



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