Lyft will launch self-driving car rides by ultimately this year

The effort is part of a larger self-driving car division that Lyft is launching in order to capitalize on an increasingly competitive technology market.
A Nutonomy self-driving car has already been publicly tested in Singapore.
On Wednesday, members of a key House subcommittee unanimously approved a bill that could establish the first federal laws governing self-driving cars.
Self-driving cars are expected to play a key role in the future of transportation, according to tech and automotive executives.
The company insisted that its human drivers will continue to play a role as Lyft ramps up its commitment to self-driving vehicles.

Lyft will launch self-driving car rides by the end of this year

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But we would add that AVs are also turning tech companies into car companies.

According to the report, automakers will transform into tech companies to survive.
Between Uber’s foray into freight and self-driving cars, it is poised to be a leader in Forrester’s other prediction: an overhaul of the trucking industry.
Uber has already begun testing a fleet of self-driving cars in Pittsburg.
We’re speeding toward self-driving cars faster than most people realize and the new technology will bring radical changes that expand far beyond the auto industry.
Our self-driving future will turn car companies into tech companies, disrupt freight, and serve you more ads, new report finds – GeekWire

referring to TimeLyft’s new Level 5 offices in Palo Alto, Calif., will be home to a few hundred self-driving car engineers by the end of 2018.
“Self-driving cars will be safer, offer lower prices for the consumer and help the environment thanks to shared ridership and electric power.”
More pointedly, Uber’s self-driving car program, which Kalanick built virtually overnight by raiding top universities and competitors, has stumbled since announcing last summer that its self-driving cars would begin picking up passengers in Pittsburgh.
(Photo: Lyft)Lyft’s other incentive for joining the self-driving car development roundtable is pure economics.
Mattheisen said riders should expect to see autonomous Lyft rides rolling out “in small pockets, in isolation, and not on every street.

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