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Low-revenue people pay more for car insurance even with clean records

“Welcome to a little known part of the car insurance: National Nannies of Public Morals,” said Tim Ryles, a former Georgia Insurance Commissioner.
With auto insurance costs spiking, Georgia drivers looking for a better deal may be focused on avoiding accidents and speeding tickets.
Ryles said he tried to outlaw the use of credit scores in insurance pricing, which he said the industry has taken too far.
And the same is true for charging people with poor credit histories more.
Hunter said insurance regulators should rein in the use of “socio-economic” factors in pricing since state laws require people to have insurance if they want to drive.

car insurance even with clean records

as mentioned in Research by uSwitch found two-thirds of drivers are putting their payout in peril by making simple mistakes they weren’t aware could invalidate their policy.
More than 43,000 insurance claims are rejected each year with the average claim standing at £2,671.
But errors like wearing flip-flops and even having fluffy dice hanging on your rear view mirror can lead to a claim being rejected, too.
Leaving your car unlocked and underestimating mileage were two other faux pas being made by drivers up and down the country.
Letting your dog roam around in the car can also invalidate a policy – and leave you open to a £2,500 fine by cops.
car insurance even with clean records

as mentioned in

Even letting your brother borrow your car might cost you – in terms of cover

That is.A survey by price comparison and switching service found that 63% of British drivers commit simple mistakes that could invalidate their motor insurance.
These seemingly small errors include driving while wearing inappropriate footwear, putting off car maintenance, and forgetting to renew MOT or tax on time.According to, Association of British Insurers (ABI) data shows that more than 43,000 car insurance claims are rejected annually.
Top 10 mistakes drivers make that may invalidate car insurance % of UK drivers 1 Wearing high heels or flip flops while driving 25% 2 Leaving car unlocked 24% 3 Putting off car maintenance when required 21% 4 Forgetting to renew their car MOT on time 16% 5 Letting pet(s) roam free in the car 15% 6 Lent car to a friend or family member 14% 7 Not updated details after changing jobs 9% 8 Attached fluffy dice, or another object, to rear-view mirror 9% 9 Forgotten to renew vehicle tax on time 9% 10 Underestimated mileage travelled everyday 8%You might want to think twice the next time you consider hanging those fluffy dice from your vehicle’s rear-view mirror.
With the average insurance claim at £2,671, motorists could be losing as much as £114.85 million from claims being rejected each year.“We know the British public are increasingly time poor, so it’s unsurprising that motorists can be forgetful when it comes to locking up their cars or renewing their car MOT and taxes on time,” said insurance expert Rod Jones.He added: “With claims now running into the thousands of pounds, people can’t afford to make a careless mistake that could invalidate their cover and leave them out of pocket.”See below if you’re guilty of committing at least one of these costly mistakes.Source: research July 2017

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car insurance


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