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Seven major transactions on used cars

Automotive data and research firm scanned the current market for the best bargains in three-year-old used cars — the time when most returning lease cars go up for resale.
They found a clutch of luxury sedans, and some mainstream models, that are selling for just over half of what they cost as new cars.
But the high incidence of leasing among luxury models also plays a part.
We’re profiling the seven cars on the best bargains list that have average or above-average reliability in Consumer Reports ratings.
This could be your time to get a late-model luxury sedan at about half of what it cost as a new car.

 transactions on used cars

as informed in I suspect that one or two people at Audi China and its ad agency will soon be undergoing a rigorous inspection themselves.
The point of this spectacle is to suggest that this sort of rigorous inspection is similar to the one enjoyed by Audi’s used cars.
Indeed, an spokesman at Audi headquarters told me: “AUDI AG deeply regrets the aforementioned TV spot of the used car division of our joint venture in China.
The finished product — for Audi in China — shows a happy couple’s marriage vows being interrupted by the groom’s mother.
Audi China/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNETWhenever an ad seems stunningly inappropriate or gauche, it’s always worth remembering that someone thought it was a good idea.

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as informed in When shopping for a used car, there are a number of factors that can contribute to the price you’ll pay: type and brand of vehicle, model year, wear-and-tear, and mileage.
Typically the more years and more miles a car had meant you’d pay a lower price.
But that’s apparently not the case for one truck: The Toyota Tacoma.



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