Ford offers solve after police tell exhauster coming in SUVs

Ford (F) has offered to solve police SUVs after receiving reports of exhaust fumes entering the cabin.
Continue Reading BelowFederal regulators and Ford are investigating complaints of exhaust fume problems in Explorer SUVs used by police and consumers.
Ford said reports of exhaust odors in regular Explorers are separate from the issue affecting police SUVs.
Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENTThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating whether Police Interceptor versions of the Ford Explorer are plagued by exhaust manifold cracks, which could cause exhaust fumes to enter the SUVs.
The issue forced the Austin Police Department to pull its roughly 400 Explorer SUVs off the road.

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Ford Explorer exhauster  fumes leak investigation upgraded with NHTSA after hurt reports

Ford Explorer

Despite the lack of conclusive and documented linkage between injury reports and carbon monoxide poisoning, the NHTSA notes that carbon monoxide levels “may be elevated in certain driving scenarios.”
However, NHTSA has not definitively linked injury reports to carbon monoxide poisoning.
Car News Ford Explorers investigated for possible exhaust leaks The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened up an investigation into the 2011-15 Ford Explorer after receiving reports of exhaust fumes making their way into the cabin, according to …
“One police incident alleged a crash with related injuries, and a second police incident reported a physiological injury allegedly from carbon monoxide (CO) exposure.
The issue of exhaust fume leakage into the cabin may be linked to three crashes and 41 injuries, the NHTSA noted.

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1.3 mn Ford Explorers now under federal investigation in exhauster fume probe – Story

Ford issued a “Technical Service Bulletin” back in 2012 for exhaust odors stating if consumers smell the exhaust odors, they should take it to a dealership to get fixed.
While there have been reports of exhaust odors in some Explorers, those instances are unrelated to carbon monoxide which is odorless,” he said.
Chase also confirmed Sunday; he is now in talks with a fourth Austin Police Department Officer in the lawsuit against the Ford Motor Company.
“If you are the driver of a non-police Ford Explorer there is no reason to be concerned.
Federal officials were in Austin inspecting the police version of the Ford Explorer, shortly afterwards, it was announced the investigation into the consumer model would expand.

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