Toyota emerging Solid-status Battery For Long extent Electric Car

Japanese automaker Toyota is working on a solid-state battery to power its new electric car.
The new electric car equipped with the solid-state battery will be based on an all-new platform.
Toyota has decided to launch the new electric car with the solid-state battery in Japan by 2022.
This makes the solid-state battery safer as compared to the lithium-ion battery.
Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes as opposed to the liquid electrolytes used in the lithium-ion batteries

This makes the solid-state battery safer as compared to the lithium-ion battery

Toyota Developing Solid-State Battery For Long Range Electric Car

As it stated in According to the report, Toyota is hard at work on developing a solid-state battery, and it hopes to have said battery in production by 2022.
But a new report from Chunichi claims that, despite its absence, Toyota is very much looking to revolutionize the EV segment.
Toyota has remained somewhat hands off in the EV segment, only offering the RAV4 as a true EV for a few years and the plug-in Prius.
With the elimination of the liquids in current lithium ion batteries that fuel EVs, these solid-state batteries could be far more energy-dense, resulting in significantly improved ranges and performance.

Like the solid-state hard-drive has done to computers, this battery has the potential to significantly improve EVs.

Toyota Reportedly Working on a Solid-State Battery That’ll Revolutionize the EV – Insider Car News

As it stated in Solid-state batteries promise to do away with the liquids that caused the build-up of current in batteries ever since Mr. Volta dipped copper plates into brine.
I went to a Toyota event in Tokyo, where Uchiyamada-san mentioned the possibility of a breakthrough solid-state battery.
We are working on research and development, including the production engineering of solid-state batteries, to commercialize them by the early 2020s.
In 2014, two years after Uchiyamada showed the solid-state-battery-powered skateboard, Toyota engineers presented a solid-state battery that exceeded the energy density of lithium-ion.
Stories have emerged that BMW also is working on a solid-state battery, Autocar thinks it could go commercial by 2026.

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