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Sources Savvy Insured’s Facebook page Help VERIFY Help our journalists VERIFY the news.
When you go to Savvy Insured’s website, you discover it’s not actually an insurance company.
(Photo: Thinkstock, Custom)A viewer emailed our Verify team asking about an ad that often pops up online.
Leatha Groomes wanted to know if drivers born before 1972 with no DUIs could get a huge discount on car insurance.
Our fact checkers started digging into the company she asked about called “Savvy Insured.”According to its website, the company is based in San Francisco.

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6 UAE car insurance myths busted

Six UAE car insurance

When you tick the box for additional personal accident cover when purchasing car insurance, you may assume that this will cover your medical bills in the event of an injury resulting from a car accident.
Car owners in the UAE have to pay certain amounts annually in registration and insurance costs.
However, some myths prevail among vehicle owners regarding auto insurance, such as Oman coverage, medical bill in the event of accident, agency repairs, etc.
Mechanical repairs aren’t covered by your insurance policyAnother common misconception about motor insurance in the UAE is that your fully comprehensive policy will cover the costs of mechanical repairs in the event that your car breaks down.
Your car dealer is very unlikely to give you the best insurance dealIt’s always tempting when buying a new car to have the dealer arrange everything for you.

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The way Georgia car insurance prices are jumping

My office has helped consumers get payments after insurance companies originally denied claims and has aggressively pursued insurance fraud.
Georgia law requires a driver’s license to be suspended if the driver is found guilty of driving on a suspended tag.
But if you drive, insurance companies and the premiums you pay are part of life.
+ Robert Dibrell Robert Dibrell × TENTATIVE: Georgia led the nation in 2016 with the highest increases in personal auto insurance rates.
In 2016, Georgia led the nation with the highest increase in personal auto insurance rates, according to an analysis by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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car insurance


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