Toyota & Mazda collaborate to build cars in the United State

He predicts the result of the two auto companies working together will be even better cars. In addition, the two auto companies say they will team up to jointly develop and share new electric car technology, as well as share connected car technology and advanced safety features.
While the two companies will remain independent, Toyota & Mazda agreed to essentially acquire stock in each others’ companies.
Traditional carmakers may feel threatened by advances in autonomous vehicle technology that are largely coming from Silicon Valley and not traditional automotive companies.
As part of their agreement, Toyota and Mazda have agreed to explore construction of a joint plant in the U.S. that could produce around 300,000 Mazdas and Toyotas each year.

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Toyota and Mazda sign copartnership | co-develop EVs, Production cars in America

As for the electric vehicle development, Toyota and Mazda will jointly explore development for the basic structure of future electric vehicles.
The plant will allow Mazda to produce upcoming crossover models for North America, while Toyota will produce its Corolla for the market.
It is also the realisation of our desire to never let cars become commodities.”It’s interesting that both companies produce cars that are, in our opinion, exactly that; commodities.
Toyota and Mazda are teaming up to co-develop future mobility and electric vehicle technology, and will establish a production plant that will allow both companies to produce vehicles in the US.
It means Mazda will supply a compact sedan to Toyota in North America while Toyota will supply a compact van to Mazda in Japan.
Toyota and Mazda sign copartnership

as informed in Toyota and Mazda plan to open a $1.6 billion assembly plant to produce that model, plus a Mazda crossover, starting in 2021.
The Magnolia State already is home to a Corolla factory that’s been producing the compact car for almost six years.
As Toyota Motor Corp. and Mazda Motor Corp. begin to scour the U.S. for where to put the first auto assembly plant announced under President Donald Trump, one state looks like a frontrunner: Mississippi.
Haley Barbour and local governments lured Toyota to Mississippi with a $358.5 million incentive package in 2007.
A head-start on a supplier network would be particularly attractive for Mazda, which doesn’t have a U.S. plant.

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