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This is the reason your vehicle insurance appeal can be rejected

as declared in Seemingly innocent slip-ups, like wearing heels When you are driving, are causing £114 mn in rejected vehicle insurance appeals a year.
Other slip-ups involve drivers forgetting to renew their road tax & even wearing the wrong footwear.
In a list of the generality popular misdemeanors made by motorists, the comparison website uncovered wearing heels or flip flops as the easiest method to get your insurance written off.
A quarter of drivers admitted they did’nt realise these small errors can result in vehicle insurance providers not paying out, by an extra 3rd of drivers admitting they simply forget which such behaviours perhaps influence on an insurance claim.
The latest information from the ABI shows which over 43,000 vehicle insurance appeals are rejected a year.

This is why your car insurance claim could be rejected

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Woman hits parked vehicle of driver who was paying vehicle insurance

As it stated in Woman hits parked vehicle of man paying their vehicle insurance bill.
Only minor injuries.
#NEWSCENTERmaine — WCSH six (@WCSH6) August 25, 2017Police tell the parked vehicle was outside an insurance company.
Police told break news CENTER the owner of the parked vehicle had only gone to the business to pay his vehicle insurance premium.
Police tell the driver of the parked vehicle did’nt have any injuries.

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