All-New Toyota Camry Ignites the Senses

as declared in These emotions are highlighted in the “Sensations” campaign, that compels drivers to love the Fresh Camry for all the “wrong” reasons.
‘Sensations’ perfectly conveys what people going to feel driving the Fresh Camry,” said Ed Laukes, group vice president, marketing, Toyota.
Four broadcast spots feature dynamic visual imagery along by legendary music hits meant to bring emotion to life & say the story of the all-new Camry.
In a 4th spot, Wild, the powerful sounds of Suzi Quatro’sWild 1 drive an exciting Fresh vision of the method it feels to drive the all-new Camry.
View photos of the All-new Camry here.

All-New Toyota Camry Ignites the Senses

as declared in Today’s edition: the 2018 Toyota Camry.
Despite the Camry’s sustained discounts success, Toyota knows which sedans are in trouble these days.
To maintain its position atop the mid-size sedan podium, Toyota needed to make the Fresh Camry something truly special.
“Driver-oriented” is usually a term used for sports sedans & real sports cars, not an everyman’s sedan such as the Camry.
To an enthusiast such as me, the Camry V-6 XSE seems such as what a non-enthusiast thinks an enthusiast vehicle is.

2018 Toyota Camry Review: a Sharper, More Potent Reinvention for the World's Top-Selling Sedan

as declared in Overall Rating:The Toyota Camry has been the best-selling passenger vehicle in US for 15 straight years, however which does not mean it has too been a better family sedan—quite the contrary.
We’ve spilled plenty of ink maligning the previous-generation Camry.
But, This time which we’ve spent ample time behind the wheel of this Fresh model, we’re happy to report which the Camry is Eventually a vehicle we need to drive.
And there’s more: Toyota’s commitment to providing heaps of level active security technology holds firm.
Still, there’s no mistaking which the Camry has been reborn.

collected by :Edison Noah


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