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Car insurance for younger drivers hits £1,350 a year

As it stated in Car insurance costs for young drivers have rocketed over the past year as a result of controversial Gov. tax & policy changes.
Car insurance accounts for further than half of the cost, by youngsters forking out on Rate £1,354 for cover, an promote of eight per cent.
The sharp height in insurance has pushed up the total bill for young drivers, despite a fall in the cost of fuel.
The test of fuel costs, that is based on Rate annual mileage & the cost of premium unleaded petrol, found that in the past year the Rate cost of fuel fell by £47.
Mr Miles added: ‘These past 6 months have seen the premier positive change for young drivers in a long time.

Car insurance for younger drivers hits £1,350 a year

referring to Drivers under the age of 25 are facing spiralling costs, as vehicle insurance premiums surged over the past year, according to Fresh statistics.
Young motorists typically must pay far further for vehicle insurance than other age groups.
TelematicsTelematics, too known as black box vehicle insurance, could be used with any motorist looking to keep money, however is mostly marketed at younger drivers.
Consider a cheaper carThe cost of your vehicle insurance is heavily based on the Price of your car.
If you continue find vehicle insurance unaffordable after trying the previously-listed tips, consider buying a cheaper vehicle to bring drop the cost of your insurance bill.

Car insurance excess explained

referring to What is vehicle insurance excess?
When you search for vehicle insurance quotes, you’ll see 2 columns for excess – 1 for compulsory excess, & 1 for voluntary excess.
You pay vehicle insurance excess if you make a appeal for damage to your car, by reforms being covered by your insurer.
You don’t must pay vehicle insurance excess if it’s a 3rd party appeal (someone else involved), as your excess just counts to your own claim.
Cut drop the cost of vehicle insuranceAs well as choosing a higher voluntary excess figure, you could cut drop the cost of your vehicle insurance in other ways.

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