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How Wells Fargo Screwed $80 mn through Customers Utilizing needless vehicle Insurance

referring to A 30 days later, he heard once more from a Wells Fargo representative, who once more claimed his vehicle wasn’t insured.
With the insurance, Wells increased his every 30 days payment from $413.48 to about $600, at first, to, eventually, $1,000.
“It seemed such as I was never will get through debt for this car,” Thomas said.
At the time, according to a grievance filed final month, Ross & Lenz obtained auto insurance from Geico.
Advertisement“Wells Fargo is Apparently under the microscope This time after it has disclosed 1 scandal after another in recent months.”Know anything about Wells Fargo or the bank’s auto insurance dealings?

How Wells Fargo Screwed $80 Million Out Of Customers Using Unnecessary Car Insurance

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Michigan Senate Leader: Any Mandated vehicle Insurance average Cut Is ‘Dead’

as declared in Any suggestion to automatically cut premiums for Michigan drivers would be “dead” on arrival in the Republican-led Senate, Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof said, bringing into question lawmakers’ long-sought aim to enact great auto insurance changes.
“That’s value fixing,” said Meekhof, who declared the idea “dead” 3 times.
“Rate decrease for Michigan families is his highest priority in no-fault reform.”Republican Gov.
State law allows health care providers to charge much further for curing of auto hurts than other ones.
The insurance industry supports a fee schedule Determine in law similar to what exists for workers’ compensation injuries.

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