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Seven through 10 used cars purchased are priced under Rs4 lakh

7 through every ten cars purveyed in the used vehicle market are priced under Rs4 lakh.
The used vehicle market grew 9% in the year that ended in March.
While it has boosted consumer-to-consumer transactions, it has impeded development of the organized used vehicle market, that is in its early phase of development.
Branded used vehicle firms including Mahindra premier Selection & Maruti True Price have been lobbying for a reduction in taxation on used cars, Msint announced on 29 August.

Buying a used vehicle is a major method to save money on a large purchase.

 used cars

Consumer Reports is out by Fresh results about that used cars going to cost you less over time & save you on the road for thousands of miles.Consumer Reports polled further than 200,000 subscribers to see the method satisfied they are by their cars & whether they’d purchase them again.
For example, the Toyota 4Runner consistently scores high marks from owners however its unsettled ride & clumsy treating injury it in user Reports tests.Besides the initial value of the vehicle user Reports tells you necessity to take a difficulty look at maintenance costs to see if the vehicle going to work for your budget.
“We broke drop our information to look at 3 & 10 year old vehicles.
The Toyota Prius was between the generality satisfying cars for both 3- & 10-year-old models for its combination of fuel efficiency & reliability.


I-TEAM: the method to spot flooded used cars

Flooded cars can recently wash up here in Michigan.
According to Carfax, Michigan ranks in the highest ten states where flooded cars are re-sold.
In his 13 years of fixing cars, Mike Meulman has seen a flooded vehicle or two.
“People bring it in for checks, they only purchased the vehicle & This time they’re having all types of electrical crises & you get into it & you’re such as wow, this vehicle has been flooded,” Meulman said.

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