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How to say if which used vehicle was flooded with Harvey

No 1 knows the method many of the hundreds of thousands of cars which suffered flood damage from Hurricanes Harvey & Irma going to display up for sale.
One method to say if a vehicle suffered flood damage is the smell test.
Mold & mildew grow fast in a flooded car, Extremely if the interior has a musty aroma, take a pass on the car.

11 advices for buying a used vehicle after a flood

If an uninsured vehicle flooded, the Former owner probably have dried it out & repaired it on their own.
Some people going to purchase the flooded cars to portion them out or they’ll have a try to reform them & Exportation them to another country.
Visit their websites to view current listings of flooded cars coming up for auction or sale.
Just as a warning, however, generality mechanics going to warn you to avert flooded cars such as the plague.
Over time even a “properly” repaired flooded vehicle could still to have rust & electrical problems, depending on the method much water it took in.
11 tips for buying a used car after a flood

This ‘secret’ on-line tool can keep you HUNDREDS a year while buying a used car

GETTY MOT history check tool could keep you money off a used carBuying a used vehicle could be a tricky business & requires you to make decisions about the vehicle in a relatively short amount of time.
The MoT check website was released in 2012, along by the demandant to display previously recorded mileages on the Analysis certificate.
However, there is continue no mandatory MoT reminder service, as there is by road tax – although the MoT check website has an optional email alert feature.
“Our tip to anyone buying a used vehicle would be to make the MoT check website their premier port of call,” added Milne.
GETTY The on-line tool detects the entire MOT history of your car

Car shoppers beware: flooded cars showing up on used vehicle lots

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Harvey’s floodwaters can cause crises for people shopping for used cars for months to come.
Nearly 1,000,000 cars were damaged during the hurricane, & now, a perfect number of them are Guessed to begin showing up at used vehicle lots.
He recommends customers check floor mats because water stains can be visional underneath.
Changes in the floor mats can too be a giveaway.
“Does it continue have the original floor mats, or has someone thrown these away & put another Determine of floor mats in it?” he says customers to ask themselves.
Car shoppers beware

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