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Men continue pay further for vehicle insurance despite gender discrimination rules

Men typically pay £170 further a year for their vehicle insurance policies than women, despite insurers being banned from discriminating based on gender.
The European Union Gender Directive was introduced in December 2012 & made it illegal for insurance companies to gender discriminate.
However, study conducted with value comparison site Compare the Market shows than men are continue paying safely further than ladies for vehicle insurance.
In January 2013, the Rate vehicle insurance premium for a male driver cost £592 compared to £494 for ladies – a difference of 20%.
John Miles, head of motor at Compare the Market, tells the rules introduced with the European Union Gender Directive have had tiny influence on drivers.

Men pay 27% further for vehicle insurance than ladies as gender gap widens

The gap among the cost of vehicle insurance for men & ladies has widened ever ever an European Union directive banning the Utilize of gender as a factor for pricing policies, Fresh study has found.
The 27 per cent gap proposes which implementation of the EU’s gender directive in December 2012 hasn’t been efficient in ending value differences.
In January 2013, the Rate policy for a male driver cost £591.70 compared to £493.88 for ladies – a difference of under 20 per cent.
The study too found which the gap among the cheapest premium & the Rate premium was wider for men than for ladies – suggesting which men stand to keep further with shopping around.
Between June & August 2017, the difference among the cheapest & Rate policy for ladies was £101.21, When the difference among the cheapest & the Rate policy for men was £151.67.
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Men continue paying further than ladies for vehicle insurance 5 years after European Union ruling

Men are continue routinely being found guilty further than ladies for vehicle insurance, 5 years after the intro of an European Union rule intended to finish value discrimination with gender.
But Fresh information shows which even while automatic gender-specific pricing is removed, men are continue paying further – because insurers’ information continues to average the majority of male drivers as a riskier proposition.
Car insurance premiums analysed with website display the 2012 gender discrimination ban has had tiny effect.
In fact, it proposes the gap among what men & ladies pay has on average widened in the past 5 years.
Between June & August 2017 the average policy for men was £821, while the average cost for ladies was £649 – around 27pc higher.




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