Ten Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles, Sending Auto Industry a Message

Since further than half of the cars on the road belong to companies, the Fresh EV100 coalition can have a great impact.
Other companies participate in EV100 involve Chinese web services giant Baidu, retailer Metro AG, Heathrow Airport & HP.
Sam Abuelsamid, a Detroit-based senior analyst for Navigant Research, said many corporate fleets are in a position to go plug-in with 2030.
One example between the EV100 companies is the fleet of utility reform trucks operated with San Francisco-based power Inc. PG&E.
The EV100 companies are further likely to follow out of than the United States companies which committed to leadership on electrification back in 2010 & then failed to deliver, Hwang said.

Dyson probably Have Plans for the Electric Auto Industry

Reports are that Dyson is working on self-driving & EV projects.
Dyson is well known as a producer of some of best & generality innovation project that involve the widely Common Dyson cyclone vacuum cleaners.
The Inc. has supposedly been garnering experts from Silicon Valley to help in the Growth of its self-driving & all-electric footprint.
According to a Dyson spokesperson, “We have historically recruited from a wide range of backgrounds as we are a broad church & are emerging a multitude of technologies,”.
With regards to the workforce size, Dyson confirmed, “We outline to recruit an additional 3,000 engineers & scholars by 2020 & are working by further than 40 universities globally.”
Dyson May Have Plans for the Electric Auto Industry

Der Spiegel Questions Whether German Auto Industry could Survive

Der Spiegel Questions Whether German Auto Industry could SurviveSeptember 19th, 2017 with Steve HanleyIn a recent issue of German magazine Der Spiegel, author Simon Hage holds up a metaphorical mirror (spiegel means “mirror” in German) to the German auto industry & sees a Extremely disturbing photo of the future.
A Closer Look At The German Auto IndustryKarl-Thomas Neumann was once the head of Opel, a minor player in the German auto industry.
Tesla DisruptionNeumann points to Tesla as the principal reason the reason the German auto industry needs to adjust its thinking.
Smaller, further Effective CarsFoot dragging & half-hearted commitments to Fresh technology have been the order of the day for the German auto industry for decades.
“Because of its major successes, the [German] auto industry has become blind to the true needs of customers,” he says.

California Wants To Alienate The Auto Industry by A Ban Of Internal-Combustion Engines

The internal combustion engine’s days can be numbered in California, where officials are mulling whether a ban on discounts of polluting autos is needed to achieve long-term targets for cleaner air.
Jerry Brown has expressed an interest in barring the discount of cars powered with internal-combustion engines, Mary Nichols, chairman of the California Air Resources Board, said in an interview Friday at Bloomberg headquarters in Fresh York.
Brown, 1 of the generality outspoken rivalled formal in the United States about the necessity for policies to battle climate change, would be replicating similar moves with China, France & the U.K.
The Auto Industry

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