FTC reinforces vehicle industry enforcement priorities

The legal team at Hudson Cook highlighted which the FTC issued a guidance document answering proven frequently asked questions about the revised Used vehicle Rule & the revised Buyers Guide.
—The revised Buyers proof directs consumers which before buying a vehicle, they ought visit to check for security recalls.
—The revised Buyers proof adds a box dealers could check to indicate which an unexpired manufacturer’s warranty applies.
—The Fresh English-language version of the Buyers proof adds a statement in Spanish advising Spanish-speaking consumers to ask for the Buyers proof in Spanish if the dealer is conducting the discount in Spanish.
—On the back of the revised Buyers Guide, air bags & catalytic converters have been added to the list of great defects which probably occur in used vehicles.

Grand Blanc joins universal market in auto industry tech

Research & Design headquarters focuses on car connectivityGRAND BLANC TWP.
— universal technology leader Laird (LRD: London), that is at the forefront of car connectivity, formally unlocked its newest study & design center in the Twp. final week.
This location is 1 of 18 other Laird R&D centers worldwide.
“We’re on the cusp of something great, something major for mobility, something major for Michigan, something major for Genesee County, & something awesome for Grand Blanc Township,” said Scott Bennett, Grand Blanc Twp. supervisor.
“We need to send the message that Grand Blanc Twp. isn’t just unlock for business, however we are ready, willing, & enable to of help you.”
Grand Blanc

How banking facilities can help Iran’s auto industry

By Farhad Daneshvar, Mehdi Sepahvand / TrendWhile Iran’s vehicle manufacturing industry urges the auto portion makers to Production qualified reserve parts, the latter criticize the manufactures for unsuccessful to meet the mutual commitments.
The auto portion makers propose that allocating banking loans & facilities, as well as Gov. backing can help the auto portion industrialists to get better the quality of their output.
To get in international markets that these foreign partners indeed possess,” Mohammad Reza Najafi-Manesh, the head of Auto portions Association, told Trend.
An formal by the auto portion making industry earlier proposed that domestic producers account for a small share of the reserve portions offered in the Iranian market as about 85 % of auto portions in the market are foreign-made products.
This is When vehicle industrialists criticize the auto portion makers of unsuccessful to upgrade their technology & producing substandard reserve parts.

One of the best-known leaders in the auto industry sees no development in the America market

When asked whether the United States vehicle market could still grow, Ghosn – a mogul of the auto industry – was unsure.
For the following 6 years we’re seeing a stable United States market (but) we do not see development in the U.S.,” he told “CNBC Conversation”.
“Canada, United States & Mexico going to still to evolve around what it is today however we’re not seeing powerful development coming from this part.
The alliance’s biggest market is currently Europe followed with the United States, however there are fears for both.
So I’m Extremely personally confident which even if there are some changes on NAFTA, NAFTA going to stay because it’s in a better interest of the 3 countries.”



collected by :Catlin Logan


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