Mercedes-Benz spends $1 bn to make EVs at Alabama plant

Mercedes-Benz spends $1 bn to make EVs at Alabama plant. Daimler tells it going to add 600 further jobs by the Fresh investment, When too building a nearby facility to Production electric car batteries in 2018.
The expansion comes only a couple of years after the Inc. reported it would be pouring $1.3 bn into the same Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant to backing the manufacture of SUVs, creating 300 extra jobs for which program.
“With production locations for EVs & batteries in Europe, China & This time the U.S., our universal network is availiable for the era of electric vehicles,” Mercedes-Benz board member Markus Schaefer said in a statement.
“Thanks to our plant modernization in Tuscaloosa, we going to be enable to of quickly ramp up United States production of EQ models…”Update: The original post stated which the initial $1.3 investment was made this year; it was, in fact, 2 years ago.

Mercedes-Benz $1 bn expansion: What each piece represents

In addition, it going to build a Fresh 1 mn square foot battery plant near the car factory, making it the company’s 5th battery plant globally.
Battery plantJason Hoff, president & CEO of Mercedes-Benz United States International, said a site hasn’t yet been nailed drop for the electric battery factory.
Earlier this year, Daimler broke ground on a $560 mn battery plant in Kamenz, Germany, that going to employ 500.
Global logistics center & after-sales hubHoff said building dimensions for the universal Logistics Center are continue being worked out, as are those of the after-sales hub.
Both are being built in Woodstock at the Scott G. Davis Industrial Park in Bibb County, about 5 miles from the car produce plant.

Mercedes-Benz going to spend $1 bn to build electric cars in the US

Daimler AG, the parent Inc. of Mercedes-Benz, plans to offer electrified versions of all of its cars with 2022 under the Fresh EQ sub-brand.
To do this, Daimler is pouring $1 bn into the 20-year-old factory the Inc. runs just outside Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Until now, the Inc. had just built electric cars in its house country, according to Automotive News.
Daimler isn’t the premier great automaker to make a large push for electric vehicles.
Combined, electric & hybrid cars made up just under three % of cars purveyed in the America in 2016.

Mercedes-Benz is making a $1 bn bet versus Tesla

Daimler AG, the parent Inc. of Mercedes-Benz, is spending $1 bn to begain the produce of electric cars at a factory in Alabama.
Blockbuster investment in EV manufacturing in a America state?
The investment will innovate Daimler’s 5th battery plant worldwide, & Turn around the existing Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant into a large menace to Tesla.
While it’s continue will be years before electric cars could take over mass transportation — whatever Elon Musk perhaps tell about the Model three — Tesla is making fancier toys for the rich right now.
Transitioning to EV manufacturing will be a large change for the plant in Alabama.


Mercedes-Benz USA CEO talks $1 bn electric vehicle investment

Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Jason Hoff told CNBC on Friday that the automaker’s midterm predictions display that up to 25 % of cars probably recently be fully electric.
“Some of the midterm horizons that we look at display maybe 15 to 25 % [of cars] being complete electric,” the CEO told “Closing Bell.”
The Fresh models, that will be purveyed globally, will either be plug-in hybrids, fully electric or some other form of electric, Hoff said.
“I think consumers are continue will have a Selection among traditional gas engines & electric vehicles,” the CEO said.
And right This time while you go to charge your vehicle, you know, you’re looking at 20 to 30 minutes, at least, to get some kind of charge on the vehicle,” Hoff said.


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